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Shaping your financial future

Whether you’re saving money, selling your business orplanning your retirement, let’s shape the future you wantand make sense of your financial picture.

Turning challenges into goals

What you want to achieve may feel like a challenge so try to think of them as aspirations. Our purpose is to help you turn your aspirations into reality.


Removing Complexity

The weight will be lifted from your shoulders; the noise will be screened out and you’ll see where to focus your time and effort. Simplifying your finances for greater control.


Having enough for the future

Turn complexity into elegant simplicity. Understand your financial future and stay on track for the future you’ve always wanted. Our goal is to help you experience your true wealth.


Being generous

Your goals may be about other people’s futures as well as your own. You’ll get all the help you need to understand what you can do to help family, friends and good causes.

What We Offer

Our chartered financial advisers specialise in three areas, delivering outstanding results throughout. Select who you are to find out how we can help you.

Mutual Funds

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Who we are

We are Lugwise Invest Asset Management, an award-winning independent financial advice and planning firm. At our offices, highly personal service meets leading financial planning technology. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and their families.Our clients are known by name, not by number.

Experience true wealth

True wealth. It’s more than pounds and pence – it’s confidence, fulfilment, meaning and purpose. It means having your life in order, achieving your goals and welcoming the future, knowing your family is secure.


Investing intelligently

Whether you’re brand new to investing or not, having objective, expert advice helps you to create the perfect portfolio and keeps you on the right path.


Tax-efficient savings

Without a complete grasp of your financial picture, it’s easy to lose money and pay more than you need to. Being tax-efficient means keeping more of your money.


Funding the future

The ‘future’ may well be about the people closest to you. Paying for education, helping with a house deposit or a business venture. You’ll get all the help you need, to help them.


Selling your business

One of the most difficult and liberating decisions you’ll make. Decide whether it’s the right time and make sure you get the outcome you’ve worked hard for.


Planning your retirement?

Retiring raises all sorts of questions – how much is enough? How can you rest easy knowing your future will be secure? You only retire once, so you need to get it right.


Something else?

If you don’t see what you need above, get in touch. We’d love to help.