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Lugwise Invest manages cryptocurrency hedge funds, the first cryptocurrency fund of funds, and Lugwise Funds, which directly invests in crypto assets. Lugwise Invest manages a deliberatedly selected bundle of 5 of the more than 700 crypto hedge funds for its investors, including securing access to exclusive, closed funds and $M-minimum funds. As such, Lugwise Invest is distinctively positioned to understand the active management strategies and managers in crypto currency. Lugwise Invest resourcefulness is a direct investment structure into crypto that supports this diligence by making specific investments and focusing on specific systems that believes in a postively returns.

Removing the complexity

What we are doing now is offering the profits of all individuals who wish to enter these great opportunity. We are removing the complexity and making their access to their financial freedom straightforward and better.

Relationships with service providers

We have developed deep relationships with the key service providers in the space, lawyers,including fund administrators and accountants, so institutions can be reaffirm that we have the highest standards in terms of service delivery.