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Individual Stock

To select individual stocks and bonds can be compelling. The best way to make the process easy is to invest via mutual funds.The idea behind mutual funds is easy: Individuals with shared investment objectives pool their money, which is invested and managed by professionals Experts. Mutual funds lets you take advantage of the more fascinating features of a well-constructed investment portfolio, including:


Respective fund generally holds a collection of individual stocks or bonds:

Mutual funds are available in all asset classes and investment styles. Respective fund generally holds a collection of individual stocks or bonds, spreading your money across a large number of holdings. Various asset classes and investment styles respond differently to changes in market conditions. Investments in different classes and styles often will move in opposite directions, based on economic cycles or other Factors. While diversification and asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss, it can help reduce the overall risks and fluctuation of your investment portfolio.

Cash flow

Sell some or all of your mutual fund shares as demanded:

Mutual funds give you secure access to your money. You can sell some or all of your mutual fund shares as demanded, at any given time, and receive the current share price (net asset value). The value may slightly differ or increase than your original cost, and there may be fees or taxes integrated with sales.

Suitability and flexibility

Clarify your account management:

Services such as the automatic investment plan and reinvested dividends, and required documents, including quarterly statements and semiannual and annual reports, provide ongoing information and clarify how you manage your accounts.

Professional management

Expertise of professional funds managers:

One of the Top benefits of mutual funds is the expertise of professional funds managers. Your Lugwise invest has access to a broad array of funds across a wide range of investment categories, and can aid you find funds to fit your financial goals.