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Oil & Gas

Over the years of work at the energy market Lugwise has won the reputation of a reliable petroleum trading company. The Company sells its products in large and small bulk to more than 24 countries and one of the top sellers in global market.

Lugwise plants have cutting-edge conversion and reforming capacities, and produce a wide range of high quality petroleum products.

Calculating Profit Margin

Investors can analyze a company’s profit margin or net profit margin by completing a simple calculation that determines revenues. The profit margin of a company is determined by subtracting total expenses from total sales and then dividing that number by total company sales. This profit margin calculation does not take into account common stock dividends, but does include depreciation, taxes and interest expenses.

A company’s net profit margin is calculated similarly by subtracting total expenses from total revenue (not sales) and then dividing that number by total revenue. This gives investors deeper insight into how a company is converting its bottom line revenue into profit for shareholders. Transfer of all export operations to a single operator company simplified export plans, optimized export flows and ensured oil and petroleum product export transparency. Lugwise is consistently raising profitability of its trading operations through optimization of the supply chain management system and increase of the trade volume with third parties

We further have crude oil trading specialists in offices around the globe. They have first-hand knowledge and expertise in the markets, maintain long-term relationships with key market participants—producers, refiners, logistics companies and storage experts—and are actively involved in developing projects related to existing and new crude oil flows.
Lugwise : Effectively manages market risk Maintains long-term relationships in key global markets Possesses expertise in identifying physical dislocations in the market Has extensive logistics capabilities Produces in-house market intelligence and analysis Has ownership of key physical assets that complement trading Possesses the ability to structure or pre-finance deals